A young and inexperienced wyrmling.


Kaida was born and raised in the crags. She recently left her mother to make her own way in the world and has occupied an abandoned mage tower on the edge of Neverwinter Woods where she has began to make her hoard. She is a 15 year old 8’ wyrmling.


All was going well for Kaida until she was attacked by the goblins of the Death Rot tribe.
This began after a goblin scout named Skwelch discovered Kaida’s hoard in the tower. The goblin chief Glubnose. decided to attack once he heard the report. Despite killing most of the gobln tribe in the ensuing battle, Kaida was eventually forced to retreat into the Neverwinter woods and nurse her wounds.
After a sufficient rest she returned to the tower set on bloody vengeance. She arrived to find the remaining goblins and a party of opportunistic adventures surrounding her hoard arguing. Enraged by their arrogance she began to smash her way through the roof of the tower. To her surprise sparked a fight to break out between the goblins and adventurer as they made a run for the gold. Coming to their seances both the goblins and adventures fled as Kaida chased them all to the surrounding forest.
Her wounds healed and hoard intact this victory has only served to embolden her attacks on the surrounding areas.


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