Dario Shade

Consciousness stored in a ring


True Neutral Human
Consciousness trapped inside a Deep Purple Ring
Magic: (Ring glows when Giant-kin are close)
Languages: Common, giant
Skill: Knowledge; Arcaina +10, Insight +5 (describes himself as good at reading people with a good knowledge of the obscure.)
Personality: Bit of a downer. Hates Giant-kin, especially trolls
Ideal: There is no meaning to life. Self-awareness is a raw deal.
Bond: Someday hopes to get a body back.
Flaw: Ironically, despite his consciousness enduring past death, he would kill himself if he had the constitution for it.
Back story: He died in 1370DR when an army of trolls attacked, conquered and destroyed his home town of Nesmé. (pronounced NEZ-may). The trolls had been forced out of the Evermoors by cloud giants.
He was unaware the ring had the power to store his consciousness when he died. He was discovered and eventually found himself the prized possession of a priest of Shar.
The last date he remembered was about 1450 DR meaning he has been trapped for at least 30 years.


Dario Shade

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