Rain Grayheart

Young Storm Sorceress


Rain is the younger sister of Frida Grayheart. She was the most talented of the sisters and had a natural yet sporadic aptitude for Storm sorcery. Frida was very protective of Rain despite being a little jealous of her power.


Rain and her companions heard about a sourcers tower twenty years ago from a teamster they met in Neverwinter. Although most of the party were quite inexperienced, they decided to investigate the ruins. They quickly figured out how to open the trapdoor to the underground level, but things went badly after that. Kithri Silverhill, a rogue, was stung to death by the swarm of spiders. Derrin Flintmoor, a halfling fighter, was dragged underwater and drowned by the water weird. Their cleric, Thoradin Dawnfist, was torn apart by the dust mephits.
Unable to retreat, Rain pressed forward and was soon being pursued into the
laboratory by the quasits. Her powerful magic was exhausted and her cantrips were proving ineffective, so she desperately grabbed one of the potions on the wooden bench – one filled with a blue liquid. Her last memory was of flipping off the cork stopper…

Rain Grayheart

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