The Savage Frontier

Tomb of Moving Stones

Session Ten

  • Tuff Human Barbarian
  • Gong Wong Human Monk
  • Eldon Gnome Wizard
  • Tiberius Stormshield Half-Orc Paladin
  • Ajour Sylvari Elf Rogue
  • Aura Vallen Half-Elf Warlock


After a chance meeting with a halfling carpenter at the Helm at Highsun tavern our heroes learnt of suspicious activity at Waelvur's Wagonworks. He told the characters that he's seen his boss Ilmeth Waelvur disappear into a hidden tunnel in the back of the work yard. He's also seen other people sneak in after dark and follow Ilmeth to wherever they go, although everyone else shows up hooded or masked.

The next day the adventurers broke into the wagonworks while it was closed for market day. They discovered the hidden tunnel that Stannor had described. Shortly after entering the tunnel they were attacked by a group of six masked villains that call themselves 'The bringers of Woe'. The players defeated these men and captured one for questioning. They had been staying at Mother Yalantha's boarding house and were hired by a man called Larrakh to scare the miners away from the quarries at night.

Upon investigation the site appeared to be an old dwarven tomb caved out by the dwarfs of Besilmer thousands of years ago. 

Proceeding forward then encountered a half orc named Grund Grund. He had sprung a cage trap on them moments earlier. However the players quickly figured out that he was a simpleton who had been manipulated in to guarding the tomb. Tuff and Gong build quite a good repport with Grund Grund and he followed them happily. 

Soon after they encountered a man called Baragustas trying to sneak out of the Tomb. Baragustas told them he belonged to a group called the Believers and explained the mystery of the moving stones, telling the characters, "From time to time, the great stones change position when no one is watching. That is how they talk to us. They show us signs of coming danger and warn us when we make bad choices.". After sufficient intimidation he confessed the Believers  had recently gotten involved with an earth priest called Larrakh. The players apprehended Baragustas and took him further into the tomb with them. 

The players came across two mutilated coupes that had a the symbol shown below carved into their foreheads. Baragustas very unconvincingly denied any knowledge of this.




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