The Savage Frontier

Rumors at Red Larch

Session Nine

  • Tuff Human Barbarian
  • Gong Wong Human Monk
  • Eldon Gnome Wizard
  • Tiberius Stormshield Half-Orc Paladin
  • Ajour Sylvari Elf Rogue
  • Aura Vallen Half-Elf Warlock


The characters had met each other when serving on the jury at Frida Greyheart's trial in Triboar. The players now travel back south to the town of Red Larch looking for work. Upon arrival they checked in at the local inn The Swinging Sword and then had a look around the town. The group heard many rumors of evil from the towns people. 

Constable Harburk told them about rumors of a bandit lair south of town. Upon investigation they discovered the camp. The bandits had a caged bearthat was viably irritated. Ajour successfully snuck up to the cage and unlocked it. The bear attacked the three bandits killing two of them before it was slain. The players then captured and questioned the last one. They discovered a treasure of 3 gold bars. Eldon identified the bars were branded with the emblem of Miribar. 

Back in The Swinging Sword Eldon noticed a fellow Gnome wearing a cloak with the symbol for Terra Alchemy. The Gnomes name was Xolen. He has recently witnessed violent sights, such as sudden bolts of lightning stabbing up from the hills into a clear sky. When the players went to investigate the found an old henge in the area. There were signs that people had been there recently. The area smely like ozone and they found a white powder settled on the ground. They took a sample of this whihc the later gave to Xolen for examination. They also found a neckless belonging to the Gladhand family. 

Also at The Swinging Sword inn Aura was talking with hunter named Nargar Susk. He told her that when he was out hunting he had seen strange fogs that persist in the Sumber Hills even in bright sunlight. The group went to investigate and found themselves in the midst of a thick fog with significantly reduced vision. Out of the for they were attacked by two figures. They managed to kill one of them. Tuff obtained a shartktoothed greatsword from the defeated assailant and observed the following symbol on his damaged breastplate. 








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