The Savage Frontier

Earth Reprisal

Session Eight

  • Holden Bolts Warforged Cleric
  • Terrance Hornswash Half-Elf Bard
  • Colt Shortwolf Halfling Ranger
  • Katana Ember Fire Genasi Fighter
  • Dawg Duskrock Dwarf Bounty Hunter
  • Lord Dempsy Human Sorcerer


The players were surrounded by 8 men in stone gargoyle masks as they exited the tower. Moments later another man appeared. He had a long cloak that was fused with stone. The mans name was RIzal and these were his men. They were there to exact revenge for the two men the players had killed on the way to the tower. 

Greatly out matched the players fought the group. Rizal was literally shattering the ground under their feet as the men in stone masks unleashed a flurry of attack against them. However the players fought back.  Katana and Dempsey used a combination of multiple burning hands attacks dealing massive damage. Holden tried his best to protect against the brunt of the blows hitting out with lightning blasts. Hornswash cas several massive surges of spell healing on the team keeping them in the fight. Eventually, despite the odds, the players were victorious. 

The men with stone masks had nothing of value on them but Hold took one of the masks for further investigation. 

Colt found a strange ring in Rizal's pocklet. When he wore the ring the consciousness of a man trapped in site iot began to talk to him. The mans name was Dario Shade. He explained that he had been found by Dwarfs and was taken to Miribar. Thew dwarf leaders entrusted the ring to a deligation on their way to Goldenfields, but they did not tell Dario why. The delegation was attacked by Rizal and his men, that is when he was taken. 

Rizal also had a neckless on him with a strange symbol on it shown below. 


Holden helped Rain bury her dead companions outside the tower and said a few words for them. After that the players returned to Triboar. They met with Forman, the man that had originally hired them.He was shocked they had found Rain alive and that she had not aged in 20 years. 

The next day the adventurers gave evidence against Frida Greyheart at her trial. Frida clamed she had been corrupted by an evil mask, but when Tarmok had examined the mask he found no evidence of magic. Based on the evidence presented Based on this evidance jury found Frida guilty. 

Rain was devastated to finally be reunited with her sister just to have her be executed the next day. She stormed out of the court house and has not been seen since. The next day the Tarth found the mask that Holden has entrusted to them was missing from the evidence lock up. 




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