The Savage Frontier

The Savage Frontier

The year is 1491. The pace is te Savage Frontier in the Forgotten Realms. It is a troubled time in the north. Savage marauders bring destruction. Monsters are on the prowl, preying on flocks, rampaging through croplands, and attacking homesteads and travelers. In settlements, discord and suspicion grow. Sinister strangers lurk in the shadows, whispering about how everything is soon to change. This year brought an unseasonably warm and stormy spring. Tales spread of
flooding, windstorms, wildfires, and tremors. All of these troubles have a source known to few…

Tower of the Mad Mage
Session One
  • Alden Road the Human Druid
  • Terrance Hornswash the Half-Elf Bard
  • Katana Ember the Fire Genasi Fighter
  • Dawg Duskrock the Dwarf Bounty Hunter
  • Lord Dempsey the Human Sorcerer

All of the players started in the Gambling Golem, a gaming den in the village of Longsaddle. This is where they met an unlikely employer…


The door slammed open so hard that the walls shook and the hinges groaned. To everyone’s astonishment, a goblin staggered in. He was badly wounded, with dried blood covering about half of his body.

Only a moment before the air was full of the rattle of dice, the slap of cards, and cries of victory and defeat. The goblin lurched toward the players then collapses at their feet. “Help me,” he croaks, looking up at them with bloodshot eyes. “I’ll make you rich!”

The Plan

Intrigued the adventurers took the goblin outside before the grumpy Dwarf proprietor could complain. The goblins name was  Skwelch. Hornswash healed him with a spell and in return he told them about riches in an abandoned Mage Tower. Upon further questioning he claimed the wealth belonged to a dragon his tribe had killed. Although skeptical of the goblins tail, the thought of the riches was too alluring for the group and they agreed to follow him to the tower.

The Journey

When leaving the town they were approached by the constable Ana Stormrider. She wanted to apprehend the goblin. Lord Dempsey convinced her to let the goblin go as he was part of an investigation into dragons in the area.

After taking a Short rest the group were attacked by two worgs. The worgs were covered in burns and one of them was trailing a charred goblin from a harness.  

While traveling through the wilderness the players came across an unconscious naked man called Jori Copperstaff  in Neverwinter woods. Dawg gave the man some clothes and the party pointed him in the direction of Longsaddle.

The Tower

Once at the abandoned Mage Tower there was clear evidence of a bloody battle with a dragon, confirming the goblins story to an extent. Inside the tower the group encounter several goblin guards and variety of magical traps presumably set up by the previous occupant. 

The players found a letter hidden in the servant’s quarters. The note expressed concern over the mental state of Hugo Harpell, the master of the tower. Accompanying the letter was a page torn from Hugo's research notes. Some of the note made reference to an ancient dwarf fortress in the Sumber Hills, but most of it was indecipherable. 

Alden entered the chantry and tried to quickly swipe a silver globe from the hands of a statue before the others arrived. As soon as he touched the a Stainglass Golem activated from the window. The Golem incapacitated Alden almost instantly. Hornswash swiftly used a scroll of dispel magic to destroy a the Golem. 

When the players opened the door to the drawing room they discovered a large wooden pan flute playing its self. It turned out it was being played by and air elemental. Hornswash partially destroyed it by trapping some of its essence in his bagpipes.

Lord Dempsey discovered some mysterious books in the Study. On the desk they found a book titled “The Diary of Hugo Harpell”. As soon as Lord Dempsey touched the diary it grew spindly legs and begin running around. Dawg managed to catch, but when opened it slowly turned into dust. 

To the side of the study was a vault door, when Katana turned the door handle it turned into a grey ooze. They managed to eliminated it but not before it corroded and destroyed Katana's shield. It the vault they discovered an invisible chest with a wand inside. 

The Showdown 

Once at the top of the tower the party found the goblins arguing over the treasure. Alden estimated the value to be over 1000gp. Before anyone could act the supposedly dead dragon returned!

There was a sound like a sudden rush of wind, then the ceiling above then boomed and shudders as a large weight alighted upon it. There are a few moments of silence and then an ear-splitting roar.

The dragon was named Kaida and she began clawing her way through the roof. Although just a wyrmling she was still more than a match for the party. Alden chose to fight through the Death Rot Tribe in an attempt to get to the treasure before the dragon got in. This plan failed and he was mortally wounded in the process. Lord Dempsey cast sleep to end the combat and the group fled.


Skwelch woke up as many of the sleeping goblins as he could before the dragon burst through the roof, and then lead them to safety. He become the leader of what was left of the decimated Death Rot Tribe.  Goblin and adventurer alike hid side by side and waited for the air-born fury of the dragon to subside. Once the coast was clear the Death Rot Tribe guided the adventurers back to the outskirts of Longsaddle. Before departing Skwelch acknowledged the tribe owed the adventures a favor. 


Player Money Equipment
Alden Road   Silver Globe (100pg)
Terrance Hornswash    
Katana Ember    
Dawg Duskrock    
Lord Dempsy    


Goblin Raiders
Session Two
  • Holden Bolts the Warforged Cleric
  • Terrance Hornswash the Half-Elf Bard
  • Colt Shortwolf the Halfling Ranger

The players are in Longsaddle resting after their encounter with a dragon. Druing the week they keep hearing tales of goblins attacking travelers on the Long Road and decide that something must be done… 


It’s cold this far north – the sort of cold that sinks deep into your bones and makes you feel like you’ll never be warm again. When the rain starts falling and the wind comes up, it feels like needles of ice are piercing your face.  “Travel a few days down the Long Road,” they were told. “Find the village of Melton – you’ll learn more there.” Freezing and exhausted they reached the town later the next day.


To call it a “village” seems generous – it was really just a dozen primitive huts and one larger building, surrounded by a sturdy little palisade. There was mud everywhere.

As twilight fell they hurried towards the gate and were greeted by the constable Frida Greatheart. Frida refused to let them in because she didn’t want people ‘stirring up trouble with the goblins’. After a lot unsuccessful negotiating from the party Hornswash stepped up his charm and managed to gain them entry. The adventurers stayed the night at the Weary Knight Inn.


While resting in the bar, they listened in on the conversations of the town people hoping to glean some information from them. They all seemed to be discussing the raids. Some of them shared Fridas view that the town should not get involved while other felt something should be done.

According to the gossip of the locals, a tracker named Dawn Mistwalker knew where the goblins were hiding. Apparently the goblins moved in about three months ago and were lead by an especially savage chief. 

The players enquired about Dawns whereabouts and in the morning they sought her out. They found her and learned she had seen several goblins entering and leaving a cave about a days trek from the town. She agreed to guide them there. 

The Cave 

When they arrived dawn pointed out the cave but refused to go any further. Colt scouted ahead and captured a sleeping goblin named Pox. After interrogation, Pox tipped them off about certain dangerous rooms inside. Dawn waited for the players outside as they entered the cave to investigate.

In the entrance they found two obsidian statues with the mantra "Love is a lie. Only hate endures.” inscribed in them. Holden recognized this as one of the dogmas of the goddess Shar. 

Avoiding the dangerous rooms marked by the goblins the group fought their way through the goblins in the first part of the cave. In one of the store rooms Holden found a mysterious obsidian disk under a pile of junk.

Deep in the cave they came across a large circular room three feet high and twenty feet across, with a stone pool dominating its center. The water glowed with a flickering, green eldritch light. On the floor, a hint of mist curls. 

Suspicious Holden cast light on a stone and threw it into the room from a distance. As soon as the stone disturbed the surface of the water an imp flashed into existence from another plane. The imp was disorientated and unsure why it had been summoned. As it withdrew from its confusion it realized it was unbound.

Holden’s Gambit 

The construct Holden had managed to determine the site was originally a Temple of the Goddess Shar, and deduce that the goblins were just squatting there. Using this knowledge he approached the imp in the guise of a Cleric of Shar repeating the phrase "Love is a lie. Only hate endures.”. He succeeded in deceiving the imp, leading it to believe they wanted to liberate the temple from the goblins. Keen to impress Shar the imp was easily convinced it to help them.


The Imp introduced itself as Biztuk. Thanks to its help and the impressive archery of Colt, a large group of goblins in the central chamber were dispatched with ease. In this room the players took a break. Holden persuaded the imp to bind with him. The imp made a contract to help Holden on the condition he was only summoned to further the interests of the goddess Shar.

Player Money Equipment
Holden Bolts    
Terrance Hornswash    
Colt Shortwolf    


Temple of the Nightbringers
Session Three
  • Holden Bolts Warforged Cleric
  • Terrance Hornswash Half-Elf Bard
  • Colt Shortwolf Halfling Ranger

Following on from last time, what the players originally thought was a goblin cave, has turned out to be an abandoned Temple of Shar. After an audacious battle with goblins the adventurers are taking a short rest…


Sitting back to catch their breath, the players observed the room. Smashed furniture and goblin corpses now littered the floor. There were scraps from raided caravans stacked in the center of the room. Exhausted from battle, it was a few minuet before they noticed the sound of a bubbling cauldron in the room next door, then a moment later they heard a clattering of pots.


Holden pushed open the door and was surprised to find two reached humans cowering near the fireplace. Their spirits had been utterly broken and the men referred to themselves as Reek and Stink. After questioning these men they found out these names had been given to them by the goblins. The players discovered they were originally from Triboar and had been captured on the long road a few months prior.

Wishing to move forward unburdened they lead these men back out of the cave and found Dawn Mistwalker. Dawn was still wafting for them and had set up a concealed camp outside. She was pleased to learn of their progress and agreed to keep the rescued men safe. 

The group continued to fight their way through the Temple encountering some well equipped hob goblins Guarding the entrance to the High Priests Chamber. After defeating the hobgoblins Holden opened the door to the chamber. 


The door squeaked and scraped as it opened. A squat figure in a dark cloak stood before a carved fireplace, it’s back was toward them. It turned as they entered. It was wearing a grotesquely carved obsidian mask. There was an enormous worg sitting at its feet. ‘You fools’, a female voice hissed from behind the mask. ‘I warned you to stay away… now you must die’.

She unleashed the snarling worg and launched her spear at Holden. The worg bolted forward, but Hornswash floored it with a precise bolt from his crossbow. The newly dubbed ‘Colt en’ Bolts’ combo attacked the masked figure. Trapped and out matched she attempted to flee. Colt caught her in a net as she ran.


After they restrained the prisoner they removed the mask to discover Frida Greatheart, Constable of Melton! After a short interrogation they learned Frida had been plotting to restore the temple. She had seemingly been driven mad by the mask. When asked Frida informed them of a strange statue sealed behind one of the dangerous rooms the had avoided. Curious, they broke into the room to investigate.

The room contained a large statue that Holden recognized as Shar. It was protected by some kind of magical barrier. Colt found a subtle grove in the flooring that matched that of a disk found by Holden previously. They placed the disk inside dispelling the barrier. Next to the statue they discovered a strange black orb with the word 'Nightbringer' written in it. 


With Frida captured the players followed Dawn back to Melton. New of the incident got round the small village quickly and people gathered at the Weary Knight Inn to hear the tale. The players agreed to take Frida to Triboar to be tried, and a caravan was prepared for their journey. The two men they had freed join them on the road. Dawn also came with them as a representative of the town. 


Player Money Equipment
Holden Bolts    
Terrance Hornswash    
Colt Shortwolf    
Who Hunts the Hunters?
Sessions Four
  • Holden Bolts Warforged Cleric
  • Terrance Hornswash Half-Elf Bard
  • Colt Shortwolf Halfling Ranger
  • Katana Ember Fire Genasi Fighter
  • Dawg Duskrock Dwarf Bounty Hunter
  • Lord Dempsey Human Sorcerer

The journey to Triboar was uneventful. Holden, Hornswash and Colt met the others who had arrived from Longsaddle the day before. Eager to get down to business the players headed to the Lord Protectors tower…


They were greeted at the gate by the lord protector’s assistant Forman Amblesheath. Holden  explained to Forman about the prisoner Frida Greyheart and asked him if he recognized either of the retched humans they had rescued from the temple. Forman agreed to take responsibility for the prisoner and asked them to stay in town so they could discuss the matter when the Lord Protector was free. A guard told them one of the rescued men had a family staying at Everwyvern House, a large expensive Inn built on private grounds for nobility. They set off to inquire further. 

Everwyvern House

Upon entered the grounds they were quickly greeted by a condescending butler that clearly didn’t like the look of them. Lord Dempsey introduced himself and with a stroke of luck the butler recognized the name of his house. The butlers attitude towards the group warmed with this knowledge. Not a well know house, but then this was the kind of place that would keep a record of such things. He offered to take the rescued men to the family. Feeling slightly out of place the group left to catch up over a drink at the Triboar arms.

Triboar arms

Hornswash, always looking to try his luck, asked the tiefling proprietor Nemyth if there was anywhere he could play a game of chance. Nemyth called over Zindra Winterbow one of the regulars at the establishment. Zindra invited him to a game she was playing. After some time the game drew many observers. A last tense hand left Hornswash facing off against a halfling called Sheb for a substantial 85gp prize pot. What Sheb didn’t know was that Hornswash had used a sleight of hand to rig the game. When Sheb lost he did not take it well. He insulted most of players and stormed out yelling threats.

Northshield house

It started to get late and most of the group set off to arrange a room at Northshield house Inn. Hornswash ran into Sheb at the Inn, he had probably followed them there. Using his charm he made a truce with the halfling by buying him some food and ale, and rebuffing Lord Dempsy's scornful remarks. 

Gwaeron 's Slumber

Colt and Dawn Mistwalker had other plans however and headed to Gwaeron's Slumber to pray. As fellow rangers they planned to gain inspiration from Gwaeron Windstrom, the god of tracking. At least that was Dawns plan, Colt was secretly more interested in Dawn than Gods.

At the forest, he gave her a beautifully crafted dagger bought from the Uldinath Arms. The gift and their common love of the wilds lead to a budding romance between the two of them. A couple of miles into the forest the pair set up camp. During the night Colt was woken by a noise. Quietly he went to investigate and to his horror noticed a large cloked ogre heading their way. He quickly woke Dawn and they both ran back to the town avoiding notice.

The ogre 

Colt assembled the rest of the party and Sheb accompanied them looking to get in on the action. At the tower of the Lord Protector two of The Twelve were on night duty and went with them to investigate. They tracked down the ogre that was now heading away from the town and observed from a distance. 

Assuming the ogre was hunting for food Holden decided to approach it reasoning that, as he was a construct, the ogre had nothing to gain from attacking him. Intrigued by the 'little metal man' the ogre divulged that he was indeed hunting, and was on his way home because he had already eaten someone tonight. Apparently he only comes here to eat nothing more. 

Holden went with the ogre back to a hill side cave where he had taken up residence. The others tried to track from a distance but lost the trail, even with two expert trackers in the group! The ogre who was actually an oni and was a master of illusion and stealth. It covered their tracks using darkness and inviability out of habit, unbeknown to Holden. 

When at the cave Holden cautiously negotiated with the oni. He established a loose agreement for the oni to not enter the forest again providing the town left an animal offering near by the cave a few times a week. Not wishing to push his luck Holden slipped away and returned to Triboar. 


It would seem the oni had been hunting these woods for some time leaving little evidence of its victims behind. This "tidyness" must have lead to the belief in town that Gwaeron sometime appears and spirits a worthy supplicant away to his divine domain. The truth was most likely that they had been devoured…


Player Money Equipment
Holden Bolts    
Terrance Hornswash    
Colt Shortwolf    
Terror of Triboar
Session Five
  • Holden Bolts Warforged Cleric
  • Terrance Hornswash Half-Elf Bard
  • Colt Shortwolf Halfling Ranger
  • Katana Ember Fire Genasi Fighter
  • Dawg Duskrock Dwarf Bounty Hunter
  • Lord Dempsy Human Sorcerer


The players are staying at Northshield House in Triboar. In the morning they were summoned by Darathra Shendrel the Lord  Potector. She wanted a report on the events from the night before. The group explained about the ogre they had encountered the deal Holden had negotiated. Holden gave Darathra the location of the cave the ogre dwelt in, but she did not say how she planned to handle the situation. Darathra had also heard of their exploits in Melton and was impressed. 


Forman suggested the players might help them out with recent reports of strange happenings. The disturbances were causing people to becoming nervous and they had started bring up old superstitions. According to some, a monster called the 'The Terror' was responsible for all the problems. It was said to appear once every fifty years and stalk the town at night, killing the innocent. Neither Forman or Daratha put any stock in these rumors, but they needed them to stop before the St Cuthbert's Day parade next week.  

According to Darathra the most recent sighting of "The Terror" was by a man called Don Cleartree currently staying at the Six Windows Inn. Before the players left Darathra requested they stay in Triboar a while so they can appear as witnesses at the trial of Frida Greyheart

Don's Story

The players went to the Six Windows Inn. The place was a chilly, creaking, decrepit wooden rooming house. They were greeted by the bar maid. Holden asked her what room Don was staying in and then marched off purposefully to find him. Dawg asked her if she had anything else to offer them and she quietly mentioned they could buy any items of interest from the lost and found. Colt purchased a jacket without mentioning he had found a gold ring in the pocket, and Dawg bought a fancy purple bow tie that he immediately donned. 

The group caught up with Holden as he was questioning Don. He said that his wife at child were taken from their home and he was staying in town looking for them. They players wanted to take a look at the house for clues so he gave them directions. 

When they arrived, they discovered that the tiny cottage had been knocked flat. Katana discovered claw marks on the door and one of the walls. Colt spotted some tracks leading away from the cottage to the north.  After following the tracks they found Dons wife and child hiding in a bush in severe shock. She was unable to give them any useful information and appeared to have amnesia. 

The Market

After reuniting Don with his family the group went to the market square to talk to Tarth Blackwarden to see if they could find out more. Tarth was busy setting things up for the St Cuthbert's day parade and was dismissive to the players questions. However a farmer overheard their conversation and approached the group. She explained that all the trouble began when the apothecary, Tarmock Felaskur, started meddling with the old graveyard.

Tarmock's Story

Tarmock the town apothecary resided in a slouched wooden cottage jut across the road from Northshield House. He politely introduced himself and sold them some of his famous sweat water. Katana grew impatient and began to interrogate Tarmock, her genasi eyes flashed with fire as she demanded answers. Tarmock broke down in tears blaming himself for the coming of the Terror.

He told them that some months ago he stumbled across a small graveyard in the western hills. A number of the gravestones were marked with strange, eldritch symbols. These piqued his interest, and he began excavating. One night, past midnight a gravestone suddenly lit up with occult light, and he beheld a terrible apparition which uttered dire imprecations. He fled and has never returned. 

The Graveyard

Katana demanded he take them to the gravestone. Once there she identified the marks as necromantic in origin. As it bagan to get dark Tarmock fled the scene. The players set up watch near the site. After some time the ground began trembling, and then there was a muffled boom as the earth bursts open and eight skeletons climbed out of the ground. Holden charged the pack and cast thunder wave shattering four of them to pieces. The remaining skeletons were defeated easily. 

The main cenotaph began to glow with a sickly emerald light. Cobalt flames begin
dancing around the edges, and then a dark shadow emerges from the top. It has large and menacing eyes flashed with eldritch light. “Who dares disturb my rest?” it thundered. 

The Apparition

Dawg spoke to the shadowy figure. It introduced its self as Alberich Grimstone. when and asked if it knew anything about the recent disturbances, he said they were indeed caused by "The Terror".  To their check he went onto mention that The Terror is actually St Cuthbert himself! According to Alberich shortly before St Cuthbert died he angered the High Priestess of Shar, who then laid a curse on him. Every fifty years he rises and spends several months terrorizing the town. Alberich suggested the party go to the St Cuthbert memorial and wait until midnight.

St Cuthbert

The St Cuthbert’s memorial consists of a raised
stone sarcophagus and statue. The words “Here lies Cuthbert Stoutwalker, founder of
Triboar” were engraved on the side of the sarcophagus. At midnight the lid of the sarcophagus suddenly started to burn with cerulean fire, then slide open. The ghost of St Cuthbert emerged and immediately attacked them. The six of them defeated him with little trouble, but  were now concerned that they had just killed the towns founder!


The players left the graveyard quietly not uttering a word of what had happened to anyone in the town. They spent the next week in Triboar.  Dawg and Dempsey went on a week long drinking binge. Dawg woke up one day in the gutter having been robbed of 50 gold. Katana and Holden spent the week teaching Hornswash the Auran language so he could better communicate with the air essence that was living in his bagpipes, and they made good progress.





Looking for Rain
Session Six
  • Holden Bolts Warforged Cleric
  • Terrance Hornswash Half-Elf Bard
  • Colt Shortwolf Halfling Ranger
  • Katana Ember Fire Genasi Fighter
  • Dawg Duskrock Dwarf Bounty Hunter
  • Lord Dempsy Human Sorcerer

The players have spent the last week in Triboar staying in Northshield house. This morning they were approached by Forman, the assistant to the Lord Protector. He had an unusual assignment for them for them…


The players sat down to hear what Forman had to say.

 “I want to get straight to the point, but first I’ll need to tell you a little about myself. Twenty years ago I was part of a famous group of adventurers known as the “Crimson Company”. Perhaps you’ve heard of us? “

After a sustained silence he continued,

“No? That’s a pity… Anyhow, to cut a long story short, our leader was named Rain Greyheart, yes that’s right, the sister of Frida the prisoner you captured.

Anyhow, to cut a long story short, the “Crimson Company” split up and we each went our own way. After you brought in her sister I tied to look her up and tell her what had happed.”

He pauses as his eyes grow a little damp. He takes out a handkerchief, dabs his eyes,

"Anyhow, to cut a long story short, and to get to the point, it seems that poor Rain has passed away. She set out to explore the ruins of a Sorcerer’s tower with her new party, nearly twenty years ago, and never returned. After some searching,  Zindra has managed to determine the location of the tower “,

He pointed at a half-elf who was sitting at the bar. Zindra gave them a nod, the players had met her before at the Triboar Arms. 

“To get right to the point, I need someone to explore the ruins and, perhaps, bring back the poor girl’s remains. It’s a longshot, I know, but one I have to take.”

The players agreed to help Forman out, for a price.

Shaky Ground

Zindra explained to the players her primary concern was with tracking mysterious groups of cultists in the wilderness. She blamed recent problems with the land on them, saying it all started around the same time they began their secretive activity. Zindra had found the tower for Forman as a favour to him and was keen to lead the players there as soon as possible so she could continue her work.

Without much delay they were on the road. The tower they were to investigate was a ten mile trek north.  About an hour into the journey they experienced ground tremors. They were not violent but defiantly noticeable. Zindra had experienced this before and set about tracking the source.   

What they found was two cultists focusing intensely on a boulder that was protruding from the ground. Hornswash snuck closer and got a glimpse at their faces. They both wore stone gargoyle masks that seemed to have no eye holes. Despite their lack of vision Lord Dempsey alerted the cultists as he attempted to move closer. They instantly swung round and began to attack.

As soon as they stopped focusing on the boulder it slowly sunk back into the earth as if it as never there. Holden shot forward and faced off against them. The cultists had no weapons but instead unleashed a barrage of fierce unarmed attacks. A few moments later a small partially formed earth elemental erupted from the ground and joined the fight.

The elemental swung a powerful strike in Dawg’s direction incapacitating him. Katana killed a cultist when it dropped it guard to attack, by burying her sword deep into its face. Holden pushed back the others assault taking some minor damage from their fists, but before long he fell to sustained fire from Colt and Hornswash. Lord Dempsey sent the elemental ablaze partially reducing it to slag and cast a magical shield to protect against its attacks.  

After the battle Colt revived Dawg with this medical kit and the players look a short rest as he recovered. The cultists had nothing of value on them, but the elemental left behind a strange essence. Holden quickly captured this in an empty vial before it dissipated.  After about an hour they continued their journey.

The Tower

The tower was an ancient looking stone edifice, with most of the upper parts eroded away. It sat on a lonely dirt hill with some scrubby grass and a few withered trees. As the players arrived, black storm clouds came in and a fierce, cold wind is blowing.

Hornswash slipped up to the dark looking entrance and peered in. Inside he saw an ogre munching on the remains of an animal. He signaled the rest of the party and Holden charged in and began the assault. The battle ended with Katana back flipping off Holdens shoulders over the ogre while slashing open its face in mid-air.

The Statue

Inside the tower an old tapestry covers a tall object toward the back of the room. Dawg carefully drew back the run revealing an iron statue. The statue was a figure in a long cloak with its face hidden beneath a cowl. In its hands it holds a small, rusty iron tablet with the following words engraved on it – ‘PATRON ORE POD’.

Colt investigated the statue and when he pressed up against one of the letters engraved in the tablet it glowed faintly. Hornswash cast identify on the object discovering that it was a switch of some kind. The players tried pressing the letters in various combinations and after some time Lord Dempsey decided it was an anagram. Working together they found the correct order and pressed the letters to spell out ‘OPEN TRAP DOOR’.  The entire statue pivoted around on one corner, revealing a stone, spiral staircase heading down.


Before entering into the unknown the group decided to take a rest from their long journey and consider a plan.  

The Sorcerer Solution
Session Seven
  • Holden Bolts Warforged Cleric
  • Terrance Hornswash Half-Elf Bard
  • Colt Shortwolf Halfling Ranger
  • Katana Ember Fire Genasi Fighter
  • Dawg Duskrock Dwarf Bounty Hunter
  • Lord Dempsy Human Sorcerer

The players were investigating the fate of Rain Greyheart. They have just found a hidden trapdoor in an abandoned tower. It was an ominous place, with creepy demonic symbolism depicted in the decor. Undeterred, the players press on…


Under the trapdoor was an old wooden stair case that descended 50 foot into darkness. Katana examined the stairs and dreamed them structurally unsafe. Colt and Holden created and secured a long knotted rope that they climbed to the bottom. Once at the bottom Holden cast the spell 'light' illuminating a long hallway. The walls were covered in cobwebs and spiders. At the far end they could make out what appeared to be the bones of a long dead warrior in rusted armour.


As Katana moved closer to investigate, the floor in front of her turned dark as a wave of spiders the size of a fist scurried towards her. Combing their power Dempsey and Katana channeled their energy into a large spinning ball of fire which they hurled forwards. The spiders in its path were instantly incinerated, their bodies exploding with the heat. Dawg charged forward furiously hammering at them with his mace crushing several at a time. Holden was swarmed and the insects began to destroy and clog his mechanical systems. In response he let out a thunderous blast from his body frying the remains of the swarm, but not before taking heavy damage.


The players followed the dark corridor in the dim light until the entered a chamber. There were two corridors that split off from here one continuing north and the other branching west. 

In the chamber they noticed hundreds of stone calved eyes lining the walls. To their fright all of the eyes moved with them as they walked through. 

Katana reached out and touched one of the eyes and it exploded wounding her arm.

The group ran for the west corridor hastily exiting the desterbing chamber. 

 Weird Water

At the end of the corridor was another chamber. In the dim light they could make out a ten foot pool of water in the middle of the room. The air smelt fowl. As they  got closer they could see the water was putrid. at the bottom of the pool was the corps of a dead halfling in rusty amour holding a sword. 

Felix Flameheart moved forward to grab the sword. At that moment a water weird emerged from the putrid water and engulfed him. The water was crashing back in on its self seriously harming Felix. Hownswash summoned his air essence and fired a bolt from his crossbow. The essence guided the bolt swirling around it like a tornado. As the bolt struck the bottom half of the water weird it blasted the out liquid, spraying it in a spiral against the stone wal behind it. 



The players began to investigate the room. It was filled with all kinds of now mostly perished specimens and alchemy equipment. Not long after they had entered one of the flasks on the shelf flew across the room and smashed at Colts feet. Hornswash noticed one of the flasks on a desk at the back of the room was glowing faintly green. Another flask flew across the room, this time at Dawg. Katana noticed the green light this time and how it flashed as the flask was thrown. She moved forwards and smashed the flask with the but of her sword. 



Earth Reprisal
Session Eight
  • Holden Bolts Warforged Cleric
  • Terrance Hornswash Half-Elf Bard
  • Colt Shortwolf Halfling Ranger
  • Katana Ember Fire Genasi Fighter
  • Dawg Duskrock Dwarf Bounty Hunter
  • Lord Dempsy Human Sorcerer


The players were surrounded by 8 men in stone gargoyle masks as they exited the tower. Moments later another man appeared. He had a long cloak that was fused with stone. The mans name was RIzal and these were his men. They were there to exact revenge for the two men the players had killed on the way to the tower. 

Greatly out matched the players fought the group. Rizal was literally shattering the ground under their feet as the men in stone masks unleashed a flurry of attack against them. However the players fought back.  Katana and Dempsey used a combination of multiple burning hands attacks dealing massive damage. Holden tried his best to protect against the brunt of the blows hitting out with lightning blasts. Hornswash cas several massive surges of spell healing on the team keeping them in the fight. Eventually, despite the odds, the players were victorious. 

The men with stone masks had nothing of value on them but Hold took one of the masks for further investigation. 

Colt found a strange ring in Rizal's pocklet. When he wore the ring the consciousness of a man trapped in site iot began to talk to him. The mans name was Dario Shade. He explained that he had been found by Dwarfs and was taken to Miribar. Thew dwarf leaders entrusted the ring to a deligation on their way to Goldenfields, but they did not tell Dario why. The delegation was attacked by Rizal and his men, that is when he was taken. 

Rizal also had a neckless on him with a strange symbol on it shown below. 


Holden helped Rain bury her dead companions outside the tower and said a few words for them. After that the players returned to Triboar. They met with Forman, the man that had originally hired them.He was shocked they had found Rain alive and that she had not aged in 20 years. 

The next day the adventurers gave evidence against Frida Greyheart at her trial. Frida clamed she had been corrupted by an evil mask, but when Tarmok had examined the mask he found no evidence of magic. Based on the evidence presented Based on this evidance jury found Frida guilty. 

Rain was devastated to finally be reunited with her sister just to have her be executed the next day. She stormed out of the court house and has not been seen since. The next day the Tarth found the mask that Holden has entrusted to them was missing from the evidence lock up. 


Rumors at Red Larch
Session Nine
  • Tuff Human Barbarian
  • Gong Wong Human Monk
  • Eldon Gnome Wizard
  • Tiberius Stormshield Half-Orc Paladin
  • Ajour Sylvari Elf Rogue
  • Aura Vallen Half-Elf Warlock


The characters had met each other when serving on the jury at Frida Greyheart's trial in Triboar. The players now travel back south to the town of Red Larch looking for work. Upon arrival they checked in at the local inn The Swinging Sword and then had a look around the town. The group heard many rumors of evil from the towns people. 

Constable Harburk told them about rumors of a bandit lair south of town. Upon investigation they discovered the camp. The bandits had a caged bearthat was viably irritated. Ajour successfully snuck up to the cage and unlocked it. The bear attacked the three bandits killing two of them before it was slain. The players then captured and questioned the last one. They discovered a treasure of 3 gold bars. Eldon identified the bars were branded with the emblem of Miribar. 

Back in The Swinging Sword Eldon noticed a fellow Gnome wearing a cloak with the symbol for Terra Alchemy. The Gnomes name was Xolen. He has recently witnessed violent sights, such as sudden bolts of lightning stabbing up from the hills into a clear sky. When the players went to investigate the found an old henge in the area. There were signs that people had been there recently. The area smely like ozone and they found a white powder settled on the ground. They took a sample of this whihc the later gave to Xolen for examination. They also found a neckless belonging to the Gladhand family. 

Also at The Swinging Sword inn Aura was talking with hunter named Nargar Susk. He told her that when he was out hunting he had seen strange fogs that persist in the Sumber Hills even in bright sunlight. The group went to investigate and found themselves in the midst of a thick fog with significantly reduced vision. Out of the for they were attacked by two figures. They managed to kill one of them. Tuff obtained a shartktoothed greatsword from the defeated assailant and observed the following symbol on his damaged breastplate. 







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