The Savage Frontier

Tower of the Mad Mage
Session One
  • Alden Road the Human Druid
  • Terrance Hornswash the Half-Elf Bard
  • Katana Ember the Fire Genasi Fighter
  • Dawg Duskrock the Dwarf Bounty Hunter
  • Lord Dempsey the Human Sorcerer

All of the players started in the Gambling Golem, a gaming den in the village of Longsaddle. This is where they met an unlikely employer…


The door slammed open so hard that the walls shook and the hinges groaned. To everyone’s astonishment, a goblin staggered in. He was badly wounded, with dried blood covering about half of his body.

Only a moment before the air was full of the rattle of dice, the slap of cards, and cries of victory and defeat. The goblin lurched toward the players then collapses at their feet. “Help me,” he croaks, looking up at them with bloodshot eyes. “I’ll make you rich!”

The Plan

Intrigued the adventurers took the goblin outside before the grumpy Dwarf proprietor could complain. The goblins name was  Skwelch. Hornswash healed him with a spell and in return he told them about riches in an abandoned Mage Tower. Upon further questioning he claimed the wealth belonged to a dragon his tribe had killed. Although skeptical of the goblins tail, the thought of the riches was too alluring for the group and they agreed to follow him to the tower.

The Journey

When leaving the town they were approached by the constable Ana Stormrider. She wanted to apprehend the goblin. Lord Dempsey convinced her to let the goblin go as he was part of an investigation into dragons in the area.

After taking a Short rest the group were attacked by two worgs. The worgs were covered in burns and one of them was trailing a charred goblin from a harness.  

While traveling through the wilderness the players came across an unconscious naked man called Jori Copperstaff  in Neverwinter woods. Dawg gave the man some clothes and the party pointed him in the direction of Longsaddle.

The Tower

Once at the abandoned Mage Tower there was clear evidence of a bloody battle with a dragon, confirming the goblins story to an extent. Inside the tower the group encounter several goblin guards and variety of magical traps presumably set up by the previous occupant. 

The players found a letter hidden in the servant’s quarters. The note expressed concern over the mental state of Hugo Harpell, the master of the tower. Accompanying the letter was a page torn from Hugo's research notes. Some of the note made reference to an ancient dwarf fortress in the Sumber Hills, but most of it was indecipherable. 

Alden entered the chantry and tried to quickly swipe a silver globe from the hands of a statue before the others arrived. As soon as he touched the a Stainglass Golem activated from the window. The Golem incapacitated Alden almost instantly. Hornswash swiftly used a scroll of dispel magic to destroy a the Golem. 

When the players opened the door to the drawing room they discovered a large wooden pan flute playing its self. It turned out it was being played by and air elemental. Hornswash partially destroyed it by trapping some of its essence in his bagpipes.

Lord Dempsey discovered some mysterious books in the Study. On the desk they found a book titled “The Diary of Hugo Harpell”. As soon as Lord Dempsey touched the diary it grew spindly legs and begin running around. Dawg managed to catch, but when opened it slowly turned into dust. 

To the side of the study was a vault door, when Katana turned the door handle it turned into a grey ooze. They managed to eliminated it but not before it corroded and destroyed Katana's shield. It the vault they discovered an invisible chest with a wand inside. 

The Showdown 

Once at the top of the tower the party found the goblins arguing over the treasure. Alden estimated the value to be over 1000gp. Before anyone could act the supposedly dead dragon returned!

There was a sound like a sudden rush of wind, then the ceiling above then boomed and shudders as a large weight alighted upon it. There are a few moments of silence and then an ear-splitting roar.

The dragon was named Kaida and she began clawing her way through the roof. Although just a wyrmling she was still more than a match for the party. Alden chose to fight through the Death Rot Tribe in an attempt to get to the treasure before the dragon got in. This plan failed and he was mortally wounded in the process. Lord Dempsey cast sleep to end the combat and the group fled.


Skwelch woke up as many of the sleeping goblins as he could before the dragon burst through the roof, and then lead them to safety. He become the leader of what was left of the decimated Death Rot Tribe.  Goblin and adventurer alike hid side by side and waited for the air-born fury of the dragon to subside. Once the coast was clear the Death Rot Tribe guided the adventurers back to the outskirts of Longsaddle. Before departing Skwelch acknowledged the tribe owed the adventures a favor. 


Player Money Equipment
Alden Road   Silver Globe (100pg)
Terrance Hornswash    
Katana Ember    
Dawg Duskrock    
Lord Dempsy    


The Savage Frontier

The year is 1491. The pace is te Savage Frontier in the Forgotten Realms. It is a troubled time in the north. Savage marauders bring destruction. Monsters are on the prowl, preying on flocks, rampaging through croplands, and attacking homesteads and travelers. In settlements, discord and suspicion grow. Sinister strangers lurk in the shadows, whispering about how everything is soon to change. This year brought an unseasonably warm and stormy spring. Tales spread of
flooding, windstorms, wildfires, and tremors. All of these troubles have a source known to few…


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