Frida Greyheart

Constable of Melton


Frida is short tempered and grim faced. She is used to getting what she wants, in part because she is a meticulous planner. She is an exceptionally hard worker with unfathomable stamina. She was arrested by the players to stand trial for her crimes in Triboar.


Frida discovered a temple in the wilds and an obsidian mask called the “Mask of the Nightbringers” . She found it give her unnatural stamina when she wore it, however the more she wore the mask the more she fell under the sway of Shar, until she was a completely devoted follower. She took control of a nearby goblin tribe and began raiding caravans. Her intent was to collect money to restore the temple and the worship of Shar.

Frida Greyheart

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