Feng Ironhead



Three years ago, an old sellsword and caravan guard by the name of Feng Ironhead decided to settle in Red Larch and open a shop dealing in arms and armour, both new and used. Over a long career of shepherding caravans and pack trains from one end of the North to the other, he decided that there was money to be made by keeping guards-for-hire and mercenaries supplied with decent, affordable gear.

He is a surprisingly friendly half-ork. He has a little skill at weapon and armor repair and sometimes fixes up used gear for resale. His true talent is a keen eye for ordinary weapons and armour that can stand up to hard use and bad weather. Ask him which of his battleaxes is best, and Ironhead offers an honest (and accurate) answer. He isn’t a very good businessman and barely breaks even, but he doesn’t seem to care.


Feng Ironhead

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