The Savage Frontier

Terror of Triboar

Session Five

  • Holden Bolts Warforged Cleric
  • Terrance Hornswash Half-Elf Bard
  • Colt Shortwolf Halfling Ranger
  • Katana Ember Fire Genasi Fighter
  • Dawg Duskrock Dwarf Bounty Hunter
  • Lord Dempsy Human Sorcerer


The players are staying at Northshield House in Triboar. In the morning they were summoned by Darathra Shendrel the Lord  Potector. She wanted a report on the events from the night before. The group explained about the ogre they had encountered the deal Holden had negotiated. Holden gave Darathra the location of the cave the ogre dwelt in, but she did not say how she planned to handle the situation. Darathra had also heard of their exploits in Melton and was impressed. 


Forman suggested the players might help them out with recent reports of strange happenings. The disturbances were causing people to becoming nervous and they had started bring up old superstitions. According to some, a monster called the 'The Terror' was responsible for all the problems. It was said to appear once every fifty years and stalk the town at night, killing the innocent. Neither Forman or Daratha put any stock in these rumors, but they needed them to stop before the St Cuthbert's Day parade next week.  

According to Darathra the most recent sighting of "The Terror" was by a man called Don Cleartree currently staying at the Six Windows Inn. Before the players left Darathra requested they stay in Triboar a while so they can appear as witnesses at the trial of Frida Greyheart

Don's Story

The players went to the Six Windows Inn. The place was a chilly, creaking, decrepit wooden rooming house. They were greeted by the bar maid. Holden asked her what room Don was staying in and then marched off purposefully to find him. Dawg asked her if she had anything else to offer them and she quietly mentioned they could buy any items of interest from the lost and found. Colt purchased a jacket without mentioning he had found a gold ring in the pocket, and Dawg bought a fancy purple bow tie that he immediately donned. 

The group caught up with Holden as he was questioning Don. He said that his wife at child were taken from their home and he was staying in town looking for them. They players wanted to take a look at the house for clues so he gave them directions. 

When they arrived, they discovered that the tiny cottage had been knocked flat. Katana discovered claw marks on the door and one of the walls. Colt spotted some tracks leading away from the cottage to the north.  After following the tracks they found Dons wife and child hiding in a bush in severe shock. She was unable to give them any useful information and appeared to have amnesia. 

The Market

After reuniting Don with his family the group went to the market square to talk to Tarth Blackwarden to see if they could find out more. Tarth was busy setting things up for the St Cuthbert's day parade and was dismissive to the players questions. However a farmer overheard their conversation and approached the group. She explained that all the trouble began when the apothecary, Tarmock Felaskur, started meddling with the old graveyard.

Tarmock's Story

Tarmock the town apothecary resided in a slouched wooden cottage jut across the road from Northshield House. He politely introduced himself and sold them some of his famous sweat water. Katana grew impatient and began to interrogate Tarmock, her genasi eyes flashed with fire as she demanded answers. Tarmock broke down in tears blaming himself for the coming of the Terror.

He told them that some months ago he stumbled across a small graveyard in the western hills. A number of the gravestones were marked with strange, eldritch symbols. These piqued his interest, and he began excavating. One night, past midnight a gravestone suddenly lit up with occult light, and he beheld a terrible apparition which uttered dire imprecations. He fled and has never returned. 

The Graveyard

Katana demanded he take them to the gravestone. Once there she identified the marks as necromantic in origin. As it bagan to get dark Tarmock fled the scene. The players set up watch near the site. After some time the ground began trembling, and then there was a muffled boom as the earth bursts open and eight skeletons climbed out of the ground. Holden charged the pack and cast thunder wave shattering four of them to pieces. The remaining skeletons were defeated easily. 

The main cenotaph began to glow with a sickly emerald light. Cobalt flames begin
dancing around the edges, and then a dark shadow emerges from the top. It has large and menacing eyes flashed with eldritch light. “Who dares disturb my rest?” it thundered. 

The Apparition

Dawg spoke to the shadowy figure. It introduced its self as Alberich Grimstone. when and asked if it knew anything about the recent disturbances, he said they were indeed caused by "The Terror".  To their check he went onto mention that The Terror is actually St Cuthbert himself! According to Alberich shortly before St Cuthbert died he angered the High Priestess of Shar, who then laid a curse on him. Every fifty years he rises and spends several months terrorizing the town. Alberich suggested the party go to the St Cuthbert memorial and wait until midnight.

St Cuthbert

The St Cuthbert’s memorial consists of a raised
stone sarcophagus and statue. The words “Here lies Cuthbert Stoutwalker, founder of
Triboar” were engraved on the side of the sarcophagus. At midnight the lid of the sarcophagus suddenly started to burn with cerulean fire, then slide open. The ghost of St Cuthbert emerged and immediately attacked them. The six of them defeated him with little trouble, but  were now concerned that they had just killed the towns founder!


The players left the graveyard quietly not uttering a word of what had happened to anyone in the town. They spent the next week in Triboar.  Dawg and Dempsey went on a week long drinking binge. Dawg woke up one day in the gutter having been robbed of 50 gold. Katana and Holden spent the week teaching Hornswash the Auran language so he could better communicate with the air essence that was living in his bagpipes, and they made good progress.







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