The Savage Frontier

Goblin Raiders

Session Two

  • Holden Bolts the Warforged Cleric
  • Terrance Hornswash the Half-Elf Bard
  • Colt Shortwolf the Halfling Ranger

The players are in Longsaddle resting after their encounter with a dragon. Druing the week they keep hearing tales of goblins attacking travelers on the Long Road and decide that something must be done… 


It’s cold this far north – the sort of cold that sinks deep into your bones and makes you feel like you’ll never be warm again. When the rain starts falling and the wind comes up, it feels like needles of ice are piercing your face.  “Travel a few days down the Long Road,” they were told. “Find the village of Melton – you’ll learn more there.” Freezing and exhausted they reached the town later the next day.


To call it a “village” seems generous – it was really just a dozen primitive huts and one larger building, surrounded by a sturdy little palisade. There was mud everywhere.

As twilight fell they hurried towards the gate and were greeted by the constable Frida Greatheart. Frida refused to let them in because she didn’t want people ‘stirring up trouble with the goblins’. After a lot unsuccessful negotiating from the party Hornswash stepped up his charm and managed to gain them entry. The adventurers stayed the night at the Weary Knight Inn.


While resting in the bar, they listened in on the conversations of the town people hoping to glean some information from them. They all seemed to be discussing the raids. Some of them shared Fridas view that the town should not get involved while other felt something should be done.

According to the gossip of the locals, a tracker named Dawn Mistwalker knew where the goblins were hiding. Apparently the goblins moved in about three months ago and were lead by an especially savage chief. 

The players enquired about Dawns whereabouts and in the morning they sought her out. They found her and learned she had seen several goblins entering and leaving a cave about a days trek from the town. She agreed to guide them there. 

The Cave 

When they arrived dawn pointed out the cave but refused to go any further. Colt scouted ahead and captured a sleeping goblin named Pox. After interrogation, Pox tipped them off about certain dangerous rooms inside. Dawn waited for the players outside as they entered the cave to investigate.

In the entrance they found two obsidian statues with the mantra "Love is a lie. Only hate endures.” inscribed in them. Holden recognized this as one of the dogmas of the goddess Shar. 

Avoiding the dangerous rooms marked by the goblins the group fought their way through the goblins in the first part of the cave. In one of the store rooms Holden found a mysterious obsidian disk under a pile of junk.

Deep in the cave they came across a large circular room three feet high and twenty feet across, with a stone pool dominating its center. The water glowed with a flickering, green eldritch light. On the floor, a hint of mist curls. 

Suspicious Holden cast light on a stone and threw it into the room from a distance. As soon as the stone disturbed the surface of the water an imp flashed into existence from another plane. The imp was disorientated and unsure why it had been summoned. As it withdrew from its confusion it realized it was unbound.

Holden’s Gambit 

The construct Holden had managed to determine the site was originally a Temple of the Goddess Shar, and deduce that the goblins were just squatting there. Using this knowledge he approached the imp in the guise of a Cleric of Shar repeating the phrase "Love is a lie. Only hate endures.”. He succeeded in deceiving the imp, leading it to believe they wanted to liberate the temple from the goblins. Keen to impress Shar the imp was easily convinced it to help them.


The Imp introduced itself as Biztuk. Thanks to its help and the impressive archery of Colt, a large group of goblins in the central chamber were dispatched with ease. In this room the players took a break. Holden persuaded the imp to bind with him. The imp made a contract to help Holden on the condition he was only summoned to further the interests of the goddess Shar.

Player Money Equipment
Holden Bolts    
Terrance Hornswash    
Colt Shortwolf    




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