The Savage Frontier

Temple of the Nightbringers

Session Three

  • Holden Bolts Warforged Cleric
  • Terrance Hornswash Half-Elf Bard
  • Colt Shortwolf Halfling Ranger

Following on from last time, what the players originally thought was a goblin cave, has turned out to be an abandoned Temple of Shar. After an audacious battle with goblins the adventurers are taking a short rest…


Sitting back to catch their breath, the players observed the room. Smashed furniture and goblin corpses now littered the floor. There were scraps from raided caravans stacked in the center of the room. Exhausted from battle, it was a few minuet before they noticed the sound of a bubbling cauldron in the room next door, then a moment later they heard a clattering of pots.


Holden pushed open the door and was surprised to find two reached humans cowering near the fireplace. Their spirits had been utterly broken and the men referred to themselves as Reek and Stink. After questioning these men they found out these names had been given to them by the goblins. The players discovered they were originally from Triboar and had been captured on the long road a few months prior.

Wishing to move forward unburdened they lead these men back out of the cave and found Dawn Mistwalker. Dawn was still wafting for them and had set up a concealed camp outside. She was pleased to learn of their progress and agreed to keep the rescued men safe. 

The group continued to fight their way through the Temple encountering some well equipped hob goblins Guarding the entrance to the High Priests Chamber. After defeating the hobgoblins Holden opened the door to the chamber. 


The door squeaked and scraped as it opened. A squat figure in a dark cloak stood before a carved fireplace, it’s back was toward them. It turned as they entered. It was wearing a grotesquely carved obsidian mask. There was an enormous worg sitting at its feet. ‘You fools’, a female voice hissed from behind the mask. ‘I warned you to stay away… now you must die’.

She unleashed the snarling worg and launched her spear at Holden. The worg bolted forward, but Hornswash floored it with a precise bolt from his crossbow. The newly dubbed ‘Colt en’ Bolts’ combo attacked the masked figure. Trapped and out matched she attempted to flee. Colt caught her in a net as she ran.


After they restrained the prisoner they removed the mask to discover Frida Greatheart, Constable of Melton! After a short interrogation they learned Frida had been plotting to restore the temple. She had seemingly been driven mad by the mask. When asked Frida informed them of a strange statue sealed behind one of the dangerous rooms the had avoided. Curious, they broke into the room to investigate.

The room contained a large statue that Holden recognized as Shar. It was protected by some kind of magical barrier. Colt found a subtle grove in the flooring that matched that of a disk found by Holden previously. They placed the disk inside dispelling the barrier. Next to the statue they discovered a strange black orb with the word 'Nightbringer' written in it. 


With Frida captured the players followed Dawn back to Melton. New of the incident got round the small village quickly and people gathered at the Weary Knight Inn to hear the tale. The players agreed to take Frida to Triboar to be tried, and a caravan was prepared for their journey. The two men they had freed join them on the road. Dawn also came with them as a representative of the town. 


Player Money Equipment
Holden Bolts    
Terrance Hornswash    
Colt Shortwolf    



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