The Savage Frontier

Who Hunts the Hunters?

Sessions Four

  • Holden Bolts Warforged Cleric
  • Terrance Hornswash Half-Elf Bard
  • Colt Shortwolf Halfling Ranger
  • Katana Ember Fire Genasi Fighter
  • Dawg Duskrock Dwarf Bounty Hunter
  • Lord Dempsey Human Sorcerer

The journey to Triboar was uneventful. Holden, Hornswash and Colt met the others who had arrived from Longsaddle the day before. Eager to get down to business the players headed to the Lord Protectors tower…


They were greeted at the gate by the lord protector’s assistant Forman Amblesheath. Holden  explained to Forman about the prisoner Frida Greyheart and asked him if he recognized either of the retched humans they had rescued from the temple. Forman agreed to take responsibility for the prisoner and asked them to stay in town so they could discuss the matter when the Lord Protector was free. A guard told them one of the rescued men had a family staying at Everwyvern House, a large expensive Inn built on private grounds for nobility. They set off to inquire further. 

Everwyvern House

Upon entered the grounds they were quickly greeted by a condescending butler that clearly didn’t like the look of them. Lord Dempsey introduced himself and with a stroke of luck the butler recognized the name of his house. The butlers attitude towards the group warmed with this knowledge. Not a well know house, but then this was the kind of place that would keep a record of such things. He offered to take the rescued men to the family. Feeling slightly out of place the group left to catch up over a drink at the Triboar arms.

Triboar arms

Hornswash, always looking to try his luck, asked the tiefling proprietor Nemyth if there was anywhere he could play a game of chance. Nemyth called over Zindra Winterbow one of the regulars at the establishment. Zindra invited him to a game she was playing. After some time the game drew many observers. A last tense hand left Hornswash facing off against a halfling called Sheb for a substantial 85gp prize pot. What Sheb didn’t know was that Hornswash had used a sleight of hand to rig the game. When Sheb lost he did not take it well. He insulted most of players and stormed out yelling threats.

Northshield house

It started to get late and most of the group set off to arrange a room at Northshield house Inn. Hornswash ran into Sheb at the Inn, he had probably followed them there. Using his charm he made a truce with the halfling by buying him some food and ale, and rebuffing Lord Dempsy's scornful remarks. 

Gwaeron 's Slumber

Colt and Dawn Mistwalker had other plans however and headed to Gwaeron's Slumber to pray. As fellow rangers they planned to gain inspiration from Gwaeron Windstrom, the god of tracking. At least that was Dawns plan, Colt was secretly more interested in Dawn than Gods.

At the forest, he gave her a beautifully crafted dagger bought from the Uldinath Arms. The gift and their common love of the wilds lead to a budding romance between the two of them. A couple of miles into the forest the pair set up camp. During the night Colt was woken by a noise. Quietly he went to investigate and to his horror noticed a large cloked ogre heading their way. He quickly woke Dawn and they both ran back to the town avoiding notice.

The ogre 

Colt assembled the rest of the party and Sheb accompanied them looking to get in on the action. At the tower of the Lord Protector two of The Twelve were on night duty and went with them to investigate. They tracked down the ogre that was now heading away from the town and observed from a distance. 

Assuming the ogre was hunting for food Holden decided to approach it reasoning that, as he was a construct, the ogre had nothing to gain from attacking him. Intrigued by the 'little metal man' the ogre divulged that he was indeed hunting, and was on his way home because he had already eaten someone tonight. Apparently he only comes here to eat nothing more. 

Holden went with the ogre back to a hill side cave where he had taken up residence. The others tried to track from a distance but lost the trail, even with two expert trackers in the group! The ogre who was actually an oni and was a master of illusion and stealth. It covered their tracks using darkness and inviability out of habit, unbeknown to Holden. 

When at the cave Holden cautiously negotiated with the oni. He established a loose agreement for the oni to not enter the forest again providing the town left an animal offering near by the cave a few times a week. Not wishing to push his luck Holden slipped away and returned to Triboar. 


It would seem the oni had been hunting these woods for some time leaving little evidence of its victims behind. This "tidyness" must have lead to the belief in town that Gwaeron sometime appears and spirits a worthy supplicant away to his divine domain. The truth was most likely that they had been devoured…


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Holden Bolts    
Terrance Hornswash    
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